1965 L Series Fender Jazz

1965 Fender Jazz


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This 1965 L-Series Jazz bass is one of the nicest instruments that I own. It has clearly been in storage for a majority of the last half century.

Indian rosewood board, transition logo and clover shaped tuners.

One of the true vintage gems of the collection.

1965 Fender L-Series Precision

1965 Fender Precision


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Formerly owned by Jason Newsted of Metallica, this 1965 L-Series Fender Precision bass is 100% original. Brazilian rosewood board, clay dots, transition logo and 3 tone sunburst finish.

Lightweight bass with a beautiful vintage tone with a great look and feel. Sounds more like Led Zeppelin I than the Black Album, this bass has a very different feel and tone to modern P basses.

A part of musical history that cannot be replaced.

1971 Fender Precision

1971 Fender Precision


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Immaculate early 70's Fender Precision Bass with tortoise guard.

A unique vintage piece featuring a lightweight body. Has some genuine wear and tear from nearly 50 years of life.

An excellent example of an early 70's P bass with that tight bottom end featured on so many classic hits of the era.

1973 Fender Precision

1973 Fender Precision Black Guard


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One of the cleanest vintage basses in the collection. Untouched, this is a collector's grade piece that has a body in amazing shape.

The only relic part of the bass are small scratches on the end of the headstock.

1976 Fender Jazz Natural Marcus Miller

1976 Fender Jazz


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Marcus Miller would be proud of this Jazz Bass. It's an amazing quality instrument with a full working truss rod.

It's a thumping bass with a really strong tone emanating from a total weight of 10.5 pounds.

A brilliantly vibrant maple neck and fretboard with white block inlays in perfect condition.

2006 Fender Jazz 5 Custom Shop

2006 Fender Jazz 5


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This 2006 Custom Shop Jazz has a select Alder body with string through construction, deluxe Fender/Schaller lightweight tuning machines, string locks, and 2 Custom Noiseless 5-String Jazz Pickups with active electronics.

The neck and body are in mint condition. There are a few small swirls in the body's finish. The fingerboard is a Paul Ferro Neck with 21 medium jumbo frets and beautiful real white shell block inlay

Sustain for as long as you like, this is one fine instrument for bass afficienados. One of the nicest players in the collection.