Where did you buy the guitars?

The majority of the guitars were imported from USA vintage collectors. Some were purchased by myself through music shops in Australia.

Are your guitars 100% original components?

Yes. Unless otherwise specified, the guitars and basses on this website are 100% original. The amplifiers may have replaced capacitors and resistors. If an amp is converted to 240V, then on the majority of occasions, it will have a replaced power transformer.

Do you buy guitars from the Australian public?


Do you consign guitars?

Yes. A set fee of $300 is charged to put a guitar on the website and sell it. A further negotiated commission (~10-15%) is usually applied after sale. We may need the guitar to validate that it is 100% genuine and to photograph it. After photography, the guitar is returned to the customer to store and maintain until sold.

Can I pay a guitar off?

Yes. Holding and layby of instruments involves a minimum 50% deposit with up to 90 days following to pay the remainder. After 90 days, if the instrument is not purchased outright as per the layby agreement, an initial $300 holding fee is retained and the remainder of all monies received is returned to the purchaser.

Do you charge GST?

No. Although we are a company that can collect GST of 10% from Australian customers, that will only be required once we register for GST and exceed certain sales limits of our own stock within one financial year.
At present, sales within Australia or our own stock are exclusive of GST. Exports of instruments outside of Australia are exclusive of GST. Consigned guitars are exclusive of GST.