Where did you buy the guitars?

The majority of the guitars were imported from USA vintage collectors. Some were purchased by myself through music shops in Launceston and Perth.

Are your guitars 100% original components?

Yes. Unless otherwise specified, the guitars and basses on this website are 100% original. The only exceptions are the following:

  • 1964 Jaguar has replaced Kluson Deluxe tuners from Fender Custom Shop or a Japanese Vintage reissue series.
  • 1966 Telecaster has a refinish, replaced bridge saddles in case, and other changes as listed.
  • 1971 Les Paul Custom used to have Schaller tuners but has been replaced with the original tuners.
  • 1972 Stratocaster has a refret.
  • 1974 Gibson SG Standard has had three bridge saddles modified and repaired.
  • 1976 Jazz has a replaced bullet truss rod cover as the original one was hollowed out. Still in case.

Do you buy guitars from the public?


Do you consign guitars?

Yes. A set fee is charged to put a guitar on the website and sell it. We need the guitar to validate that it is 100% genuine and to photograph it.

Can I pay a guitar off?

Yes. To layby a guitar, a fee of $300 is charged until it is paid off. If paid off within 4 months, the $300 is put towards the value of the guitar. If not paid off within 3 months, the $300 is forfeited, and the deal is broken.

Do you charge GST?

No. Although we are a company that will be required to collect GST of 10% from Australian customers, that will only be required once we sell over $75,000 in one financial year. Exports outside Australia are excluded from GST.