1966 Fender Bassman

1966 Fender Bassman


The appearance of this old, weathered, and rusted Bassman belies the way this amp performs.

Nearly the entire chassis is covered in oxidation, yet this amp sounds better than a new boutique amplifier.

Features of this classic blackface Bassman include 2 channnels:
(1) Bass Instrument with 2 inputs, Deep Switch, Volume, Treble & Bass control;
(2) normal channel with 2 inputs, Bright Switch, Volume, Bass & Treble controls.

There are a few slight noises that would be expected of an amp this age, most notable a little bit of scratching and popping from the Deep switch Bass channel Volume pot.

The pot only scratches slightly, and both issues only happen when the parts are in motion.

* NOTE* Amps only ship within Australia and are sold "AS IS". They function fully and the purchaser is responsible for them once they leave they are delivered. Below is a recent photo of the actual amp showing the condition of the grill.

1966 Fender Bassman Amplifier