1969 Gibson SG

Standard Cherry


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On offer is a 1969 SG Standard with mahogany neck and body, lyre vibrola, rosewood board, patent stickered humbuckers and three piece neck.

Finely crackled finish on body is spectacular.

A vintage rock'n'roll icon with a super clean neck in this condition is rare.

Put this 50 year old in your hands and you will not want to let go.

Body:Solid Mahogany with bevelled edge
Pickups:Original Patent Sticker
Cosmetic:Cherry with lacquer checking and a small amount of buckle rash
Modifications & Repairs:Refret and perhaps one changed pot.
Case:The original marigold felt lined hard shell case is in exceptional condition.

1969 Gibson SG Standard1969 Gibson SG Standard Body1969 Gibson SG Standard Back of Body1969 Gibson SG Standard Headstock1969 Gibson SG Standard Back of HeadstockAngus Young Guitar and Amp