1985 Fender Telecaster



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Rare custom colour Hot Rod Blue Telecaster.

Frets only have minimal wear, with well over 95% life left. Action is slick.

Pups punch out that oh so desired Tele spank & twang.

Cosmetically the body has no dings, dents, scratches or buckle rash.

None of which degrade the playing integrity of this classic vintage masterpiece.

Comes with new hard case.

Modifications & Repairs:The neck has one small drill hole near the butt and a very minor ding on the back of the neck about the third fret position.
Weight:8.1 pounds

1985 Fender Telecaster Blue1985 Fender Telecaster Body1985 Fender Telecaster Back of Body1985 Fender Telecaster Headstock1985 Fender Telecaster Back of Headstock