1958 Fender Tremolux

1958 Fender Tremolux Tweed Amp

AUD $6,495

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This amazing sounding 1958 Fender Tremolux vintage amplifier is the best amp we have purchased.

A smooth Fender tone with that late 50's bass which is unmistakable for blues and rock.

This 110V version comes with mostly original parts. Transformer replaced with modern ToneClone Pro from Mercury.

Has two instrument and two microphone inputs. Speaker is a 1954 Jensen.

1960 Fender Princeton

1960 Fender Princeton Amp

AUD $4,495

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This 1960 Fender Princeton is a great sounding tweed amplifier.

This 110V version comes with mostly original parts including the speaker.

The amplifier has a new handle and has had a couple of capacitors also changed (yes, including the death cap).

A great looking piece of Fender musical history with that magic tone.

An absolute pleasure on the ears.

1963 Fender Princeton Amp

1963 Fender Princeton Amp


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Great sounding 1963 Princeton (6G2 Circuit) in perfect working order with original brown tolex.

Minor scuffs on front grill, but otherwise in good cosmetic condition.

Power transformer is newer with Australian plug. Replaced speaker. Original speaker included which needs to be reconed.

1964 Fender Champ

1964 Fender Champ Amp

AUD $2,995

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This 1964 Fender Champ is a great little amp from the transition period between Tweed amps and the Blackface series.

A Tweed shaped amp with black tolex, this little guy delivers amazing tone but without the volume.

A simple equation. One volume knob and amazing Fender tube tone.

Perfect for recording and practice situations.

1964 Fender Princeton Reverb

1964 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp


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Amazing condition 12W Princeton Reverb. The transformer is original and has been rewound for Australian conditions.

The amp sounds superb and comes with its original footswitch.