Fender Precision

1965 Fender L-Series Precision

1965 Fender Precision Bass

AUD $11,995

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Formerly owned by Jason Newsted of Metallica, this 1965 L-Series Fender Precision bass is 100% original. Brazilian rosewood board, clay dots, transition logo and 3 tone sunburst finish.

Lightweight bass with a beautiful vintage tone with a great look and feel. Sounds more like Led Zeppelin I than the Black Album, this bass has a very different feel and tone to modern P basses.

A part of musical history that cannot be replaced.

1971 Fender Precision Bass


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Immaculate early 70's Fender Precision Bass with tortoise guard.

A unique vintage piece featuring a lightweight body. Has some genuine wear and tear from nearly 50 years of life.

An excellent example of an early 70's P bass with that tight bottom end featured on so many classic hits of the era.

1971 Fender Precision Olympic White

1971 Fender Precision Bass

AUD $9,995

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A "Time Capsule" condition Olympic White 1971 Fender Precision Bass.

One Piece Maple Neck that is still white. Tortoise-shell pickguard, 1971 dated pots, Both chrome covers and handrest intact.

Very comfortable ash body. All original except for a possible added pickguard screw.

A very crisp and tidy vintage bass displaying only minor wear with a couple finish checks.

1973 Fender Precision Bass

1973 Fender Precision Bass


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One of the cleanest vintage basses in the collection. Untouched, this is a collector's grade piece that has a body in amazing shape.

The only relic part of the bass are small scratches on the end of the headstock.

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