Gibson Acoustics

1957 Gibson LG-1 Acoustic

1957 Gibson LG-1 Acoustic

AUD $2,995

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Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge. Mahogany back and sides.

Lovely dark mahogany neck. The original tuners have been refitted after we got their buttons remodelled in NY in 2018.

Amazingly sweet playing 50's vintage Gibson acoustic and a great example of this genre.

1959 Gibson LG2 Acoustic Guitar

1959 Gibson LG-2 Acoustic

AUD $10,995

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A sensational 1959 Gibson LG-2 acoustic guitar with a full rounded tone.

Made between 1942-1962, this is a premium quality example of one of Gibson's most successful acoustic guitars.

Purchased from Gary's Guitars in Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

Tortoise shell pickguard, Brazilian rosewood fretboard and a great low action. Last year of fixed bridge for this model.

Played by United States country musician Chris Stapleton who uses this guitar to write most of his music.

1966 Gibson LG-1 Acoustic Vintage Guitar

1966 Gibson LG-1


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Gibson acoustic from the 60's with a Brazilian rosewood board.

The pickguard was removed some time ago. Purchased from a music store in L.A., this piece comes 100% original (apart from the guard) and has a sweet tone for blues and country playing.

Kluson Deluxe tuners in good shape, dark rosewood board, and a crack free mahogany body and sides.

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