Gibson SG

1965 Gibson SG Junior Cherry Red

1965 Gibson SG Junior


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100% original 1965 SG Junior with 1964 specifications with no breaks, cracks or resets.

5.8 lbs solid mahogany body with a single wraparound tailpiece.

1969 Gibson SG Standard

1969 Gibson SG


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On offer is a 1969 SG Standard with mahogany neck and body, lyre vibrola, rosewood board, patent stickered humbuckers and three piece neck.

Finely crackled finish on body is spectacular.

A vintage rock'n'roll icon with a super clean neck in this condition is rare.

1970 Gibson SG Special

1970 Gibson SG Special

AUD $5,895

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Three piece voluted mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard. two original P-90's on a mahogany body.

The hardware shows some tarnish from ageing.

If you like big warm bottoms, extra presence in your mid's and very clear highs, then these P 90's punch out exactly that.

1971 Gibson SG Deluxe Cherry

1971 Gibson SG Deluxe


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A unique 1971 Gibson SG Deluxe in walnut finish.

Original patent sticker pickups with unmolested solder joins on the pots.

Gibson Bigsby, rosewood fretboard with square mother of pearl inlays.

An AC-DC sounding classic from a golden era of rock.

100% stock with no breaks or repairs.

Collectors can include our 1971 Marshall JMP50 amplifier for that genuine Angus Young experience.

1972 Gibson SG Deluxe Stereo

1972 Gibson SG Deluxe


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A rare (1 of 50) SG Deluxe Stereo model from 1972 with factory fitted Gibson bixby unit and tune-o-matic bridge.

This SG model will drive two amplifiers with two switches working as an on-off for each amplifier. Without a pickup selector, each of the embossed Gibson Patent number pickups is controlled by its respective volume knob.

Transitional top mounted control plate with raised style LP pickguard. The neck is straight and ultra thin.

Action is surprisingly slick. Generic hardcase

1974 Gibson SG Standard

1974 Gibson SG Standard

AUD $4,495

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1974 Gibson SG Standard action is slick, smooth and very easy on the hands.

The hardware with the exception of some pitting on the bridge gleams like new.

No extra routs, overspay or respray.

A new owner will not be disappointed with this '74 vintage classic.

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