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Following our successful track record over the last decade importing and exporting instruments, our company was recently accredited by the Australian Government as an Australian Trusted Trader.

If you have any questions about any of our inventory, simply call Travis on 0499 498 111. For visitors to the website outside Australia, call +61 499 498 111.

Latest Arrivals

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  • 1941 Gibson J55 Vintage Acoustic
  • 1954 Fender Champ
  • 1954 Fender Deluxe 5D3
  • 1957 Fender Stratocaster
  • 1957 Gretsch 6121 Desert Orange
  • 1963 Fender Stratocaster
  • 1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman
  • 1964 Fender Stratocaster
  • 1964 Gibson SG Custom White
  • 1964 Gretsch 6119 Tennessean
  • 1964 Rickenbacker 325 1996 RM
  • 1965 Fender Stratocaster
  • 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
  • 1983 Rickenbacker 350 Liverpool
  • 2006 Epiphone Casino (John Lennon)
  • 1959 Fender Bassman
  • 1960 Fender Princeton 5F-2 A Tweed – JUST SOLD
  • 1960 Fender Princeton 5F-2 A Tweed – JUST SOLD

Vintage Guitar Catalogue for Winter 2020

(last updated June 26 2020)

Our latest product inventory is being continually updated throughout June and July 2020. We will increase the size of this document as we introduce new pieces to the site.

It is made available as a high definition PDF file for download for people who like to print and read. Enjoy!

Winter Catalogue for Vintage Electric Fender and Gibson Guitars
2020 Winter Vintage Guitar Catalogue


1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty - Vintage Electric Guitars

Buying a vintage guitar that’s right for you is a very personal choice, and we provide honest and informative advice which you can utilise to source the best piece available.

With the recent addition of early vintage amplifiers, we have a full suite of vintage Fender and Gibson collectables for that special gift for someone, or simply a piece that you have been looking for.

We work with insurance companies for replacement instruments for those that have lost their favourite vintage piece through theft, fire or other misfortune.

Our simplified business process results in our customers getting piece of mind.

Our instruments are sourced from high calibre collections and have been acquired over the last 25 years.

If you see a vintage guitar or bass that you like, give us a call and we will answer what ever questions you have about your favoured instrument.

Your business is appreciated.

Travis Kerslake
0499 498 111

Vintage Guitar Case Studies

L-Series Jazz Bass in Vibrant 3 Tone Sunburst.

This 1965 Fender Jazz Bass was one our first premium vintage instruments acquired.

The nitrocellulose finish over the immaculate 3 tone sunburst finish has held up remarkably well. This reveals a vibrant colour spectrum as evidenced in the photography.

Apart from slight worming on the rear of the instrument, the finish is near spotless. The tortoiseshell guard is clean and crack free.

As pictured below, the maple neck comes with an Indian Rosewood board. The small vintage frets are in perfect condition and have barely been played. They retain a slight gold tarnish, further evidence that the bass has been kept in perfect storage conditions for the majority of the last half century.

The electronics on the bass are untouched, and the sound and playability of the instrument can only be described as unique.

Given the small frets on the board, there is a distinct difference in playing style with this particular bass. The pickups are very responsive and although they are not as loud as their modern day equivalents, do produce a more subtle vintage tone that satisfies even the fussiest bass aficionados.

Finally, the clover style tuners are all original and in great shape and have never left the instrument. These L-Series tuners spin in the opposite direction to what you are used to.

The bass comes with it’s original hard Fender no-logo case.

Based on the stunning condition of this instrument, it would form a cornerstone item in any vintage Fender bass collection.

For more information, simply follow the link below:

The Fretless Wonder in Polaris White with Triple PAF Pickups.

1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom USA Vintage Guitar

This Gibson Les Paul Custom has the 13th serial number from Gibson in 1963. As such, it was most likely fully assembled in 1962 featuring earlier components including the sideways vibrola and three high output ‘PAF’ (Patent Applied For) pickups which are noticeable for their distinctive tone.

The single piece mahogany neck with ebony fretboard is a joy to play with 22 small vintage frets still in good condition.

The hand contoured body in original Polaris White finish is in remarkably good condition compared to the gold coated nickel components which have oxidised heavily. Original Grover “Patent Pending” tuners are in excellent working order, untouched and have never left the guitar.

When plugged into the 1963 Fender Princeton amplifier, the guitar produces a remarkably full tone, one that is a pleasure to experience. Whether playing Jazz, Rock, Blues or more contemporary music, this guitar does surprise, and it’s build quality and subsequent impressive tone were well above my expectations when I first acquired the guitar.

With small frets, you will need to adjust your playing technique somewhat as it plays lighter and faster than most other vintage guitars I have played. But the time invested in learning this guitar produces some remarkably impressive results, both with chords, harmonic sets and single note playing.

The central pickup position is wired such that the guitar produces a very thin, almost tinny sound made famous by Sister Rosetta Tharpe. The bridge and neck positions have that typical full Gibson tone with ample feedback at higher gains from most strings.

With higher gain Marshall amplifiers, string muting will be necessary as this guitar wants to enter an infinite feedback loop on most fretted notes. Controlling the feedback on these pickups is an art within itself.

The higher energy ‘PAF’ pickups are untouched, which together with it’s clean original Polaris White finish make this is a great investment that the new owner can admire and enjoy playing for many years to come.

This vintage classic arrives at your door with it’s original “Faultless” gold-lined case.

For more information, simply follow the links below:

Vintage Guitar Case Studies

Vintage Guitar Case Study – 1963 Fender Stratocaster

Vintage Guitar Case Study – 1954 Fender Stratocaster